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Reporting: Talking Traffic applications have a positive effect

Ethical hackers demonstrate the importance of safe apps

Digitisation of traffic signs is a gain for road managers and road users alike

Monotch wins European tender for UDAP

‘All’ about privacy in the Talking Traffic data chain

International research project 5G-Blueprint kicks off collaboration

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DMINEWS 18|05-2020

  • National roll-out of intelligent Traffic Control Systems (iTLC) continues
  • Flanders too embraces iTLCs
  • Europe adopts Dutch iTLC standards
  • All traffic signs in the Netherlands now digitally available
  • Fuel savings related to iTLCs for trucks: initial figures
  • Deventer’s version of intelligence: all traffic lights in this city in the eastern part of the Netherlands to become iTLCs
  • Traffic Signal Priority pilot an invitation for more
  • Start construction of DEFlog: the next step in digitisation of logistics
  • One platform now contains all municipalities’ changes in Urban Vehicle Access Regulations

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