Dragonfly version of TOMP-API "standard language" released

The official launch of the Dragonfly* version of the TOMP-API, the "standard language" for MaaS providers, represents an important step forward for MaaS service providers, transport operators and travellers. All MaaS providers can connect to this TOMP-API (Transport Operator to Mobility Provider-API). A standardised interface between MaaS service providers and transport operators, the API (Applicable Programming Interface) facilitates the exchange of data when implementing MaaS.

*Dragonfly is the name of this first official TOMP-API version. The developer chose Dragonfly because names are more easily remembered than numbers.

The international TOMP working group, a public-private partnership between MaaS providers, Transport Operators (e.g. providers of shared and public transport), other mobility-related organisations and public authorities, is responsible for releasing the Dragonfly version. After an initial roll-out of the TOMP-API a few months ago, improvements were made in response to user experience and feedback. The working group is now convinced that the Dragonfly version of the API is stable for a prolonged period. TOMP updates will also be compatible with the Dragonfly version in future.

Planning, booking and assistance

With almost two years of open development, the TOMP-API is now able to plan, book and support a full MaaS journey in the digital dialogue between MaaS Service Providers and Transport Operators. The data exchange via the TOMP includes all information about planning, booking, payment and travel assistance.

The blueprint for Dragonfly version 1.0.0 can be found here (in English).

For more information about TOMP, visit: https://tomp-wg.org/


About TOMP

The TOMP-WG (Transport Operator to MaaS Provider - Working Group) is an initiative of shared transport providers in the Netherlands together with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Its main objective is to create a standardised dialogue for technical communication between transport operators and MaaS providers.