Research: more collaboration on building smarter cities in the Netherlands

More collaboration between cities, learning from each other's projects, scaling up solutions faster and a joint investment agenda with the national and provincial governments. These are the main conclusions of a study by Capgemini Invent among the 40 major cities in the Netherlands, looking at smart applications and digital technologies in the areas of housing, climate, mobility and energy transition. The results of the study, which ran from May to August 2020, were presented last November.

The Capgemini Invent status report shows that there are now almost 400 initiatives and projects in the 40 large municipalities (100,000+ inhabitants) in the Netherlands. The study also shows that the wheel is regularly being reinvented and that effective solutions are not being scaled up quickly enough, or at all, to a regional or national level.

To improve this situation, the G40 Smart Cities thematic group wants to join forces and deploy people and resources more effectively. The status report, which clearly shows which projects already exist in each municipality (including a brief description) and who the administrative contact person is, provides the municipalities with a new means of avoiding duplication and allowing each other to benefit from the successes achieved.

In the status report, the projects are divided into themes: Smart Governance, Smart Economy, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment, Smart Citizen and Smart Living.

Capgemini Invent's study was conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the G40 city network and supervised by the municipality of Apeldoorn as joint chair of the G40 Smart Cities thematic group.