Fuel savings related to iVRIs for trucks: initial figures

The frontrunners, the logistics transporters, are already driving with connected technology. Enthusiasm among transporters to participate in the Dutch Connected Transport Corridors is increasing. This is only logical because it delivers considerable advantages, as is illustrated by the initial findings of Roy van Verseveld of Vos Transport and Mark Lenselink of Gist Nederland.

Since early 2019, Vos Transport has benefited from the first five iTLCs installed in the city of Deventer and the surrounding area. In the near future all 55 traffic lights in Deventer will be converted to iTLCs. During a breakfast meeting Roy van Verseveld, on behalf of Vos Transport, presented to his peers the potential benefits of investing in connected technology. Vos Transport calculated that 250 connected trucks provided savings of at least 194,620 euro a year by avoiding two stops a day – a very cautious scenario. It also led to a reduction of over 344,530 kg of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of planting 1,871 trees. The following diagrams also illustrate the results for 500 connected trucks, and the yields of five avoided stops a day across 262 working days: savings of €973,100 and 1,722.6 kg of CO2 emissions. This example takes into account a fuel price of 1.48 euro a litre.

Vos Transport: savings from connected transport with two (left) or five (right) stops fewer compared with standard transport.

Province Zuid Holland

Gist Nederland fitted seven trucks with connected technology at the end of 2019. They participate in the Connected Transport Corridor in the Province of Zuid-Holland and are seeing substantial benefits. Mark Lenselink, IMS coordinator at Gist, shared the following figures. For the connected trucks, fuel consumption decreased by 6.1% and braking was reduced by 26.2%. Because the driver knew when the traffic light would turn green he also didn't need to brake for as long. The braking distance decreased from 3.80% to 3.31% as a result. An additional advantage is that the tyres do not wear as quickly. These are valuable initial insights!

Gist Nederland